Frequently Asked Questions

How does our 24-hour promise work?

For all new enquiries about completing a project with us, send us an email, or use our online contact form to send a message. If we don't reply to your email within 24 hours, we'll discount $100.00 off the final cost of that project with us.

Our guarantee applies with electronic contact methods (email or website). Make sure your reply-to email address is correct on the contact form! In our reply, we may not necessarily supply a quote or other information.

What is Creative Bits?

We're a web development agency, with competitive rates and quick, friendly service. Our websites are custom-built (templates aren't used!) and we cater for small businesses and startups, offering web development, solutions design and analytical services.

Why shouldn't I design my own website?

Yes, there are many tools on the internet that allow you to create your own website by clicking and dragging. It's unlikely though that you will score exactly what you want in your website, from a free DIY tool.

Customers mostly gain their first and foremost impression of your business, from your website. An average, unimpressive website that you made yourself based on a template, is hardly likely to gain interest. At Creative Bits we've been making attention-seeking websites for dozens of clients - and we can offer low cost solutions for high-visibility results! Ask us how we can help you.

How quickly can you deliver an urgent job?

We can deliver a standard 3-4 page website, fully developed, in up to 2 weeks. For a customised job (e.g. tweaks on a Wordpress site), give us a day or two!

We can also work on-call to satisfy any urgent development requirements.

How will you charge me for my project?

We're very flexible when it comes to approaching projects. If you have your own design or specifications, and you need a solution coded, we can offer a competitive hourly rate. If you need a website created or re-developed, we can offer a fixed quote and schedule for the entire project.

What are the ongoing costs for a website?

Website hosting and Website domain name registration. Depending on your needs, hosting can start from less than $5.00 AUD per month, and domain names from around $10.00 AUD per year. We can't offer hosting in-house, but we can certainly recommend which providers to go with, depending on the needs of your website.