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Solutions for Startups

Haven't found an experienced technical co-founder yet? Looking to internalise and minimise costs by developing your own code? We'll work with you in an advisory capacity to get you truly up and running. We're available for hire as technical consultants on your startup project


Solution design &
best practices

  • What's the best architecture to use for your application?
  • How do I make it scaleable, fast, and search engine optimised?

We'll design a solution, and make sure you understand how the decisions made will work with your business and marketing plans.



Our contract will make it clear that we won't reveal your business plans to any third party.


User Experience

What will your customers, venture capitalists and investors think about the friendliness of your website? Tap into our user interface design experience - we can analyse your existing layouts for usability, or we can come up with suggested layout designs.


Tests and Bugfixes

What you coded isn't working? Browser bugs? CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery - we can help you out.


SEO Tweaks

The most important part of search engine visibility involves your site being structured correctly and semantically. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) won't be useful until your site is built appropriately. Get us to investigate.